Following Pearl Harbor most Americans did not trust the Japanese. All Japanese Americans were stereotyped as the enemie. Propaganda was everywhere from posters, newspapers, and even Looney Toons and Doctor Suess made propaganda against the Japanese.

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American citizens even before Pearl Harbor has always discriminated against Japanese people. So you can imagine that Pearl Harbor did not help stop the Japanese discrimination. Even if you were born in America but you looked Japanese or had Japanese ancestry you were still discriminated against. Nearly every single American citizen was scared of another attack by Japan. American citizens were paranoid, angry and wanted revenge. They thought of horrible things. For example some people said lets line them all up and shoot them. Barely anyone trusted Japanese Americans, or people who just look japanese in general. People started vandalizing Japanese American stores, parents did not want their kids to go to school with someone that was born in Japan, had japanese ancestry, or
One of the many propaganda drawingd by Dr.Seuss

just looked japanese, and propaganda against japanese people were everywhere.

Japanese American citizens did not know what to do. They did not understand why Americans were discriminating against them because they did not do anything and they hated Japan just as much as the Americans did.

More Propaganda against the Japanese by Dr.Suess